Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Elephant Rock Collapses - Hopewell Rocks, Nova Scotia

Elephant Rock at Hopewell collapses .Read the news article here.

It is a bit sad the Elephant Rock has collapsed to half its previous size.

This is what the Hopewell Rocks looked like when Articulation visited in 2010 during their annual study session.

Luckily several Articulation members preserved in their artwork the popular rock as so many thousands of tourists remember it.

Wendy Klotz, Home and Away, wool, felting, hand stitching
Here is Wendy Klotz's depiction of the rock as it was.

Donna Clement, Erosion at Hopewell Rocks, dyeing, painting, machine sewing
And Donna's, worked in a different textile technique.

Donna Clement, Erosion at Hopewell Rocks, detail