Saturday, October 17, 2015

Articulation In Weyburn 2015

Articulation meeting under Weyburn's war memorial.
This is a hint for an upcoming body of work.

Another exhibition we visited during the Weyburn Fibre Art Walk was FAN's (Fibre Art Network) travelling show "Abstracted."

Artists paired up to express an idea or phrase, one artist working in a representational style and the other artist in an abstracted style.
Above, 'Colours To Live By' showing houses typically found on the rocky east coast of Canada.

Marianne Parsons used raw edged machine applique in a representational style.

While Karen Johnson worked in a more simplified style, also using the raw edge machine applique technique,

'Nature's Patterns'
Left - Dale MacEwan, representational.
Right - Deb Tyson, abstract.
Both worked in the same colour palette, but different techniques produced quite different results.

Left - Lily Thorne, representational
Right - Patt Wilson, abstract

Articulation members enjoyed seeing the work of many people they know while they continued their discussion of the value of working within a distinctive style.

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