Friday, March 1, 2013

World of Threads - Queen Elizabeth Park

Had a chance to speak with Dawn Rudman just before the opening of "Quiet Zone" at Queen Elizabeth Park Centre.  I asked what her criteria was for artists applying for the exhibition and she said there wasn't any specifically.  It was when she started receiving the work that she was made aware of the similarities between each work, and that was the soft, calm, quiet approach that was taken by each artist.  It was only then that Dawn named the exhibition, "Quiet Zone".

There is no doubt that the exhibition gives you a sense of serenity and calmness.  No loud or brash colours pervade the exhibition.  It's a refreshing visual pause in the whole exhibition of The World of Threads.

Here are three of my favourite works in the exhibition.  I chose them for their quiet simplicity and subtleness.

Vestige 1
Kelly O'Neill, Ontario       Washi paper, thread, ink, charcoal, smocking

Judy Martin, Manitoulin Island, ON       Repurposed domestic damask linen, silk, procion dye

Make Good, Make Better - Woven
Saidhbhin Gibson, Ireland        Sweet chestnut leaf, cotton thread