Sunday, August 29, 2010

Victoria College of Art exhibition

This video was just released of the show. Two of the Articulation artists, Lesley Turner and Ingrid Lincoln, that were present at the opening to talk about the exhibit.

Current Exhibition

To let you know of our latest show, here are the details. The show is in Victoria, British Columbia.

You are invited to attend:
The Victoria College Of Art - Textile Exhibition by Articulation

NARRATIVE ARTICULATIONS is a show of cross-Canada work by nine Canadian contemporary textile artists, all City and Guilds of London Institute trained. Each year the group, Articulation, goes to a special place in Canada to do a study together, then they return to their respective studios across Canada to produce a body of work based on the study. The next year they exhibit the work. Articulation has had two residencies at the Banff Center, Banff, Alberta. They are currently working on a body of work to be exhibited in the Whyte Museum, Banff, in September 2011.
Curated by Lesley Turner, the Victoria College of Art - Fine Art Textiles instructor, the free exhibition will fill the walls at the college with over 50 textile-based works. The artists will be in attendance during the opening reception, tours, demonstrations and workshops throughout the course of the show, which will run from August 27th to September 10th.

Opening reception will be held Friday, Aug 27th at 6:30 p.m. at the Victoria College of Art, at 1625 Bank Street.

On Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th August and Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th September there will be artist-led tours at 1 pm and 3 pm and demonstrations/workshops from 2 to 3 pm.
All events are free.
For more information, email or call the college at 250-598-5422.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Works in CQA

(Left) Donna Clement, 'Fern', 14" x 14", wool & machine thread; hand-dyed wool, fulled, free motion embroidery.
(Right) Leann Clifford, 'Autumn Leaves - Pealing Bark', 17" x 29", cotton, dryer sheets, rayon; hand dyed, hand embroidered.

(Left) Wendy Klotz, 'Break the Glass', 22" x 18", machine embroidery threads, plastic, seeds; machine embroidery,
(Middle) Donna Clement, ' Western Red Cedar', 14" x 14", wool & machine thread; hand-dyed wool, fulled, free motion embroidered.
(Right) Donna Clement, 'Fern'

Ingrid Lincoln, 'Beneath', 18" x 18", cotton fabric, paper, paint, silk organza; batik, painted paper, machine stitched, burned.

(Left) Leann Clifford, 'Cactus Landscape', 20 x 25, cotton, felt, tyvek, beads; hand dyed, hand embroidered.
(Right) Ingrid Lincoln, 'Algae', 18 x 18, silk, cotton fabric, rayon, embroidery thread; gutta resist, silk painted, machine stitched, quilted.
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Canadian Quilters' Conference

(L) Leann Clifford, Vickie Newington, Ingrid Lincoln, Donna Clement, Lesley Turner at the Canadian Quilters' Association biennial conference.

View of 2 of the 6 booths Articulation filled with several bodies of work.

2 more booths of work.

Wendy Klotz, Rain Forest, 'Old Growth', 'Clear Cut', 'Rebirth', each 24" x 30"
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Upcoming Exhibition in Calgary - April 2010

ARTICULATION is one of the guest artists invited to show at the Canadian Quilters' Association (CQA) conference being held at the Telus Convention Centre in downtown Calgary from April 28th through May 1st. We have over 200 feet of exhibition space that we are filling with the theme of Canadian landscapes.

Our artist statement reads:
“Ess-scape” – A Flight From Confinement

Shedding the threaded bonds of traditional textile art, Articulation presents a collection of work by female artists who have studied issues and landscapes of Western Canadian mountain, rain forest, and urban regions. They break new ground while portraying the essence of the history, culture, and surroundings that the Rockies inspire. The BC rain forest communicates its own unique story while the architecture from man-made structures provides a different frame of reference for study and outlook.

The suffix for ‘female’ is ‘-ess’ and by using it as a prefix, Articulation sets the tone for an exhibit that celebrates some of Canada’s diversity while presenting cultural and social issues and the environment in a fresh format. ‘Escape’ also means a ‘flight from confinement’ – what Articulation always strives to accomplish.


Seven of the nine Articulation artists will be in town for this show, working the floor, interacting with the public. We would love to see you there!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Standing Relations - CANCELLED!!!

Just after the last posting on this blog, we were notified by the Maltwood Gallery at the University of Victoria that they were closing for six months in order to do earthquake structural upgrades. This was effective March 1st, and consequently our exhibition was cancelled.

As the nine artists of Articulation have been working hard on pieces for this show, we were all very disappointed with the news.

Our next exhibit will be in Calgary for the Canadian Quilting Association big show. We are invited feature artists and will have over 200 feet of exhibition space. The majority of our artists will be in town for the event and we all look forward to visiting with you there.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Standing Relations inspiration continued... 4

One day Donna, Lesley and Ingrid did a side trip to Shutz Falls, just west of Duncan.

where we sat in the forest, amidst the greenery, and sketched...

And another day was a trip to see the old-growth Douglas Fir forest in "Cathedral Grove" in the MacMillan Provincial Park along the Pacific Rim Highway heading west towards Tofino with Donna, Lesley and ReBecca... where we discovered fungi of many different types.

But first we drove further north and pulled in off the highway and again wandered deep into the forest to sit and sketch.

And then back to wander through the posted informational signs in Cathedral Grove.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Standing Relations inspiration continued... 3

It wasn't all study, sketch, photograph... we also made sure we were kept lubricated and rested.

At this cute little English pub in the country, I found this plant the likes of which I have never seen before. This is no stunted Prairie growth! It is taller than the building beside it!

this is me inside it, looking up

the above ground root system

what is this plant??!!??

And true to Vancouver Island's mild climate and rainy roots, flowers were still blooming profusely.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Standing Relations inspiration continued... 2

My favourite tree, the Arbutus. Love the layers of bark and how the bright green is hidden underneath, gradually revealed.

And because the Arbutus grows on windswept barren rock expanses, a tidal pool was right next door.

Piper's Lagoon Park... We found Garry Oak trees...

And, outside of Nanaimo, we found a Petroglyph Park...