Monday, July 20, 2009

Winnipeg Inspiration

All Articulation members have shut themselves in their studios and no one is hearing much from them these days as the date for their next exhibition gets closer. Using images from a week long study of the historical buildings of Winnipeg and after doing lots of research, they are each producing a series to be exhibited in the Mennonite Cultural Heritage Building Gallery, along with the work that has recently been hanging in the McMullen Gallery in Edmonton. The Mennonite Gallery is twice as big so they have all continued producing Winnipeg inspired works.

And there was no shortage of inspiration in Winnipeg with its rich history and early wealth reflected in magnificent buildings.

Each member is interpreting the 'Urban Textures' theme in their own way and using their own chosen stitch techniques. The architecture will be interpreted in a wide variety of textiles & fibres.

The exhibition scope also includes the architecture of flowers as a response to floral displays they found in the botanical gardens and in garden beds of heritage homes.
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